Make Your Own Insect Repellent

When you want to get outside without the bother of mosquitoes, ticks and wasps, you may be interested in making your own insect repellent. You can use essential oils or natural ingredients to create a safe, non-toxic and lasting bug spray.

Essential oils like rosemary and lavender can be effective in driving away flies and gnats. Geranium oil is also helpful in repelling mosquitoes and ticks.

Another essential oil to consider is citronella. This is derived from lemon eucalyptus and is listed by the EPA as an effective insect repellent. It’s also used in commercial bug sprays.

Lemongrass is another essential oil you can add to your homemade bug spray. It’s considered to be one of the best bug repellents.

Neem is a natural ingredient you can use to repel mosquitoes and black flies. It’s also a good repellent for biting midges. For maximum effectiveness, try soaking neem in alcohol for a few weeks before using.

Essential oils can be purchased in liquid or oil form. Use a carrier oil to mix the oils. Olive oil, almond oil, or jojoba are all good options.

You can also combine several essential oils together for a stronger, longer-lasting mixture. Then, you can use the mixture as a hand salve, or you can apply the spray to your body.

To make your own insect repellent, you will need witch hazel, an empty spray bottle, and a few essential oils. If you are making a spray, be sure to shake the bottle before applying.


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